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It's All About You in Big Sky

We would like to welcome you to Our World. it's still the Wild West - Big Sky, Montana

Yes, this is our first post...never thought I'd be blogging (how did we come up with the words blog, blogging, blogger in the first place??.)..sounds silly but here we go!

My name is Carolyn Cole and I started Lone Peak Adventure Concierge, first named Lone Peak Concierge, in 2020. Initially we were just a private car service driving Big Sky visitors to and from the airport. Dinner transportation quickly became popular particularly in the snowy months as the roads are a bit crazy especially at night without street lights.

When covid hit, initially no one wanted to be in a car with anyone they didn't know. Quickly we had to pivot. I thought about what passengers had been saying, some of them were pretty upset they couldn't get dinner reservations or their kids in ski school or book a fly fishing guide in the summer as everything was already booked up. Every season activities and services, even transportation, do get fully booked, mostly because there on the same number of service providers, outfitters and activities and with more keep coming to Big Sky each year, everything gets booked even faster.

That's when I decided to start a Custom Big Sky Vacation Planning business. The short story, we are now helping our clients arrange their entire vacation months before they arrive. Today is August 27, 2023 and we are already creating custom vacations for those arriving in Big Sky in December, January and February. Another reason we started vacation planning is because it is very difficult to find information, accurate information, online. Things are always changing in Big Sky, whether it's a restaurant closing or a new one opening or activities and services that were offered last year are no longer being offered, the list goes on.

So that's what we do! Give us a call 406.551.0340 and we'll help you navigate what I believe is still "The Wild West". We are your personal Big Sky Concierge.

Thanks for reading and hope we get to meet soon!


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