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Lone Peak Adventure Concierge

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Meet the Owner Carolyn Cole

Carolyn lives in the heart of Big Sky. When she was 9 her family stayed at Elkhorn Ranch where she fell in love with the mountain landscape full of wildlife.

In January 2019 she packed her car & without a plan drove from Connecticut to Montana. She started Lone Peak Concierge Dec 15, 2019 with her private car service.
March 2020 no one was driving with anyone, what was she going to do? Her passengers had mentioned how difficult it was to make reservations as everything gets booked quickly. That's when Lone Peak Concierge was born, now Lone Peak Adventure Concierge.

She started her custom Big Sky vacation planning business, she literally takes care of everything for visitors coming to Big Sky. "Creating a unique and seamless Big Sky experience is the goal. We couldn't do it without Big Sky's longtime outfitters, business owners and the Big Sky Resort. Cheers to all of them, they're the ones who make it all possible!"
Carolyn Cole owner of Lone Peak Adventure Concierge
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